About this blog

The title of my blog is inspired by Dorothy Day’s “On Pilgrimmage” column and by her writings and witness of faith as co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement.  My intention is to write about everyday life in Sierra Leone and the ways God is present and stirring in the midst of it all.

My frame of reference for observing, listening and writing is my association with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone as “pastor in residence” sent by the Northern Texas –  Northern Louisiana Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  I look forward to telling stories, sharing the view from Africa, and staying in touch through this blog over the next 2 years while I live and serve in Sierra Leone.

Kate Warn

January 2009

25 responses to “About this blog

  1. Nancy Williams

    Hi Kate!
    How wonderful to know you have arrived safely and are becoming accustomed to the area while catching up on some much needed rest. Beth forwarded your blog to several “good women in Lancaster,” so I expect you will be hearing from us from time to time. In the meantime, though, know that you are in my prayers daily and thoughts often.
    PS – I love that porch, too! So different from your last home here in Lancaster. I can so easily picture you there, reading or just resting in the Lord after a long day.

  2. Pastor Kate,

    I have found your blog and love the house and porch. As I walk on the NJ beach this summer I will pretend that I can see you. I know I can feel your presence. God has created a wonderful experience for you and for all of us.

  3. Dear Kate,
    It is with great joy that we are able to share your experiencs through blogging. It is so amazing to think you are so far away but becasue of technogogly we can share our life so intimately.
    Your new home is precious and lo and behold no houses attached. Thanks be to God for all His sweet blessings. Thank you for sharing all your new experiences so that we can feel that we are all one.
    PEACE, Kate

  4. Cheryl finished newsletters and since we removed your name thought you might want to go and checkout under newsletters so you can keep up on us.
    Keep in touch when you have time.
    Praying for you…. Cindy Y.

  5. Dennis Trostle

    Enjoy reading your updates. I will be interested to hear your feelings about the people. When we were in South Africa, I was almost pleased to leave. The poverty and feelings towards black people were very alarming.
    Thank you for your work.
    Prays are with you

  6. Dear Kate,
    I have enjoyed the last few minutes while catching up on your activities. Your comments about church services – dancing etc – are very interesting. We probably all need to “loosen up” to some extent. Your work sounds interesting and will probably only grow in that regard.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  7. Bruce Stauffer

    Hi Pastor Kate,

    I have really enjoyed sharing in your experiences via your blogs. The color, variety, rhythm, and unpredictability of African culture is well captured by your postings. I could really identify with the coconut harvest imagery…

    May God bless you and your work in SL,

  8. Jenise Roberts-Christie


    What a wonderful service ELCA and individuals are providing to all effected by war. We are enjoying your updates and insight on the works of ELCA and volunteers. J & family.

  9. Larry Jines


    Hi, I just found your Blog as I was looking for mine – so very similar in name. Your site looks terrific – congratulations. I’ve not done much with my site but may in the near future – not sure what direction to take. I, too, am familiar with the work of Dorothy Day and commend your efforts, heartily. Best Wishes from Houston, TX – Larry J.

  10. Cindy Youngquist

    Hello, Just returned from the Church wide Assembly in Minneapolis, MN. A little disapointed in the vote but then I know change is what people hate.
    Hope things are going well for you, think of you often and have you in my prayers.
    Just thought I would check out your blog and see if you have any news. Probably very busy.
    love, Cindy Y.

  11. Hello dear friend… so good to hear from you and know you are doing well.
    In this next month’s newsletter I had Cheryl include a portion of your email to me. Many times people have wondered about you so I thought that would be a good way for everyone to “catch-up” on how you are getting along.
    If you want check out our online newsletter –
    Really is turning FALL here quickly- leaves are dropping and we have had some cooler mornings. May God Bless you Kate and all the work you are doing. I will continue to check back and keep you close to my heart in prayers.
    In Christian love, Cindy Youngquist- Gowrie, Iowa

  12. Pastor Warn,
    I wanted to let you know how helpful and inspirational your blog has been to us. A small group from my church will be coming to SL in January for a mission planning session. Our work will take us east to Dea and the village of Bawalla. Your photos and observations have made us all more aware of details and customs we may not have been aware of before. Thank you for sharing your world with others.
    In Christ,
    Mona Kita

  13. Kate – I lived in Njala as a teen in the mid-1960s while my dad was part of a USAID/Univ of Illinois team starting Njala University. I returned for a visit in 1982, and figure that now that things sound to have settled down, would like to visit again sometime within the next year. However, I’d like some in-country connections who might update me on travel, Njala guest house, etc. Is there a website or network of Americans/expats in SL that I can tap into? My email is jeff@jtwack.com.

  14. It’s almost like being there myself. The photos and the stories are so beautiful and so wonderful-seeing God’s hand at work through the hands of His servants.
    I miss you dear friend. Peace!!

  15. Janet Follstaedt

    Pastor Kate,

    I am a member of King of Glory Lutheran Church in Dallas, TX. Our church is supportive of your mission and would like the opportunity to visit with you when you are in Texas, preferably on a Sunday. Perhaps you could preach one Sunday. I look forward to hearing from you.

  16. We are also relatively new to Freetown and will be working at Sierra Leone Theological College. Do the Lutheran pastors get trained at this college?

  17. Cindy Youngquist

    Merry Christmas Kate and may 2010 be a year of much rewards and good health to you and yours.
    In Iowa we are having a HUGE Blizzard so doesn’t look like many will be spending the Holiday with family, mainly staying safe and snug and warm in our homes……There is always tomorrow.
    love, Cindy

  18. Sharon Sherban

    Happy New Year Kate and best wishes as you begin your second year. Thank you for returning to Lancaster PA to give us an update. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

  19. Jenise Roberts-Chrisite


    We hope you had a safe journey back to SL.
    It was wonderful to see you in Lancaster, PA. You are and the people in SL are in our prayers. Peace toall.J& family

  20. Peter Millington

    Dear Kate,
    Between 1951 and 1954 I lived in one of 2 semi detached bungalows with my parents. These were situated just across the Circular Road from the main enterance to the Tower Hill complex (it was an army barracks in those days). Those 3 years were some of my happiest and I saw a lot of the countryside, beaches and the town. The people were friendly and I have always longed to return, but alas I have never been able to. I am wondering whether the site for the Sanctuary is near my old house. I note that within Google Earth, the bungalows have been demolished and a vacant plot remains. I would love to know. I have photos of the area from the early 1950s if you are interested.
    Kind regards
    Peter Millington

  21. Jeff Silvernail

    Hi Kate,
    I saw your blog linked to the Pretty Good Lutherans news web site – didn’t know you were in Sierra Leone. Of course I’ve been out of the Chautauqua County loop since I took a call a year ago to the Albany area. May God richly bless your ministry.
    In Chist,
    Jeff Silvernail

  22. Dear Kate,
    I am a medical doctor working with WHO, based in Geneva, Switzerland, but coming often to Africa. I used to work as a doctor in service of the Finnish Lutheran mission in Senegal. Now I have been in Sierra Leone and was supposed to leave tonight for Geneva. However, all the flights to Europe are cancelled because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. So I got some extra time, started surf on internet and found your fantastic blog!! I do not know how long I will stay this time in Freetown, but it would be lovely to meet. I can be best reached through email since I do not have a local phone. I am staying at the Simple Goal Guesthouse, opposite of WHO compound.

  23. Hello Kate,
    My husband and I recently moved to Freetown for a 6-month internship with Catholic Relief Services. I googled Sierra Leone missionaries and stumbled upon your blog. We are looking to meet other Christians and find a church to attend, as well as see if we can encourage or work with some of the long-term missionaries in the area. Please email me or give me a call at 078-818842 and we can meet up sometime.

  24. Tyler Rasmussen, Zion Lutheran

    This week in NorthTX-NorthLA synod we’re sending our prayers out to you (I’m at Christ Lutheran in Dallas these days)! Saw the name and was excited to see a former intern from Zion!

  25. God bless you and your ministry.

    Thanks for sharing your experience in Sierra Leone. Although I visited Freetown in 2003 for some days, I’m learning a lot by reading your blog. The photos are also beatufil and even more your work for the Lord there. Thank you.

    I would like to travel again to learn more and find a useful way to help (I’m mennonite christian). I couldn’t find your email, if possible please write me to vtamara@pasosdeJesus.org.

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