Down by the Water Side

Beached, at Tokeh.

I have greatly enjoyed living by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean throughout my time in Sierra Leone.   I’ve spent many an hour sitting on my porch watching the waters of the bay ebb and flow; tracking the birds there, and observing the fishermen at work.   All along the coast, and along the many inland waterways, fishing is a way of life, and fish of all kinds are a staple of the Sierra Leone diet.

Sunset at Hamilton Beach

Dugout canoes for river fishing. Photo by Jim Gonia.

Life along the  waterways is full of color and character.   Folk wisdom and expressions of faith abound.    As always, words and pictures offer only a glimpse, but here are some of my favorite photos from life by the water.

I saw this same sentiment on a boat in the bay by my house today.

Evangelism on the sea.

Net with boats at Tokeh.

Hauling in the fishing nets is a community effort.

Lumley Beach. The boat has just come in, and the nets stored for next trip. The boat will be hauled further up the shore using the wooden poles as rollers.

Sail boat in the waters beyond the Freetown port.

3 responses to “Down by the Water Side

  1. Oh Kate, it takes me back to last February. I can hear the surf in my heart and can’t wait to hear it again in person. I love the beautiful quited sail!

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures of Sierra Leone. I was there in June 2009 on a mission trip and have such a desire to come again. I live in North Texas and have found several people from this area who are spreading the good news of Jesus in Sierra Leone. God has me praying for people who have a heart for Sierra Leone. May His grace be multiplied to you.

  3. Stephanie Varnum

    Thank you for the great photos – they bring back such wonderful memories. Watching the fishermen last year allowed me to envision the life and hard work of the fishermen of Jesus’ time to vividly. May your memories and photos bring you joy and closer to Jesus too.

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